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by  Contributor, published on 15 December, 2021

By Giles Peaker, published on 16 December 2021

  • Stamford Brook Centre, Hounslow - Residents won Rent Rayment Order - ( Global Guardians Management did not obtain HMO License )

The property managed by Global Guardians Management. Owned by NHS PSL

  • 35-37 William Road, Camden - Residents won Rent Repayment Order  - ( Global Guardians Management did not obtain HMO License )

Guardianship company Global Guardians Management signs "Property Protection Proposal" with the landlords.  The properties are advertised on flatsharing websites and also newsletters. After attending a viewing, the prospective residents are asked to sign/return agreements within 24 hours. They are also asked to pay deposits with Global 100. It has been reported that deposits are not protected. Recently GGM Staff A.A shared with justice authorities that they had 15000 property guardians The residents from 35-37 William Road ( Camden) recently won a Rent-Repayment-Order as GGM failed to obtain an HMO license. ( the property is owned by Euston One Limited, managed by Global Guardians Management (in partnership with MBU Capital))

  • July RRO Decisions – GetRentBack Blog

by GetRentBack Blog

July RRO Decisions – GetRentBack Blog

  • Mare Street property guardians campaign after living in 'unsafe' building

by Holly Chant - published on 16 February 2021

Property guardian firm is blasted for advertising rooms in 'derelict' London factories and buildings for up to £880-a-month... the SAME 'extortionate rate as standard private rents' in same area

by Antonia Paget published on 14 January 2021

  • London property guardians' 'angst and worry' as they face eviction during the pandemic​

By Sian Bayley Local Democracy Reporter - published on 15 Jan 2021

  • Property guardians: Bafta-winning documentary maker says cheaper rent helps him live a creative life in London

By Ruth Bloomfield - published in November 2020

  • Property Guardians and Rent Repayment Orders​

By Giles Peaker - published in 2019

  • The hidden housing crisis: NHS staff, teachers and low-income workers reveal the realities of being a property guardian

       i investigates guardianships, once touted as a solution to the housing crisis by allowing people to live in disused buildings for cheap rent

By Vicky Spratt - published in 2020

  • What it’s like to be in your fifties and a property guardian: ‘I was mortified by the dirtiness, the smell and the size of the rooms’

By Vicky Spratt - published in 2020


By Josh Salisbury - published in 2020


The sad decline of East Greenwich library

By fromthemurkydepths - published in 2018

  • Property Guardianships: Should we all be jumping on the latest renters’ trend?

By Lily Russell Jones - published in 2020

  • ​Property ‘guardian’ firm found guilty - now trading under new name

​By Graham Norwood - published in 2020


  • Former court which had been unauthorised home for 'property guardians' could be converted into 44 apartments

​By Charlotte Green - published in 2020

  • Property guardianship can help both tenants and property owners during virus crisis

Press release on 19 March 2020

  • Protection for property guardians during the covid-19 crisis

By PGPA - published in 2020

  • Property guardians live in legal limbo – despite new law to protect tenants from exploitation

By Derek Whayman - published in 2019

  • Hackney Council takes legal action against landlords for breaching conditions of new HMO licences

By Sam Gelder - published in 2019

  • Property guardians face legal issues when taking landlords to court as law remains unclear

By ​Derek Whayman - published in 2019

  • The high price of cheap living: how the property guardianship dream soured

By Lucas Amin and Margot Gibbs - published in 2015

  • The UK's 'Property Guardians' Live in a World of Constant Anxiety
    It's like squatting, but you have to pay.

By Philip Kleinfeld​​​

  • Protecting London's property guardians

By London Assembly - published in 2018​

  • Eviction resistance at Camelot property

​By Jenny Stringer - published in 2017

  • Camelot were 'lazy and stupid' in Bristol Property Guardians case says legal expert

ByTristan Cork - published in 2017

  • The high price of cheap living: how the property guardianship dream soured

By Lucas Amin and Margot Gibbs - published in 2015

  • Property guardian schemes offer quirky homes at low rents. But not for long

By Graham Norwood - published in 2010

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